A Resident & Fmr. System Administrator @ CoRE

Fall 2019 - Present


Resident & Fmr. System Administrator
Fall 2019 - Present

CoRE, or the Computer, Robotics, and Engineering house at Binghamton University is a living community on campus. We’re a group of 28 students that either major or just generally enjoy the aforementioned subjects and share a tight-knit community on campus. Although we’re considered a “learning community” on campus (and we do have a spring semester capstone class), that doesn’t come without a little mattress jousting and other shenaniganry.

In my time living on CoRE, I’ve also served as a System Administrator. I won’t go too much into it given the mundane nature of it but I was responsible for our internal communication server and a defunct HP server/fighter jet that we maintain for member and alumni projects.